These workshops are intended for parents who want to build skills around managing their finances and are designed to provide effective strategies for managing the financial aspects of a family’s financial lifeand fosters economic self-sufficiency. The workshops are offered to parents, particularly low income women, with minimal financial knowledge who find their life choices severely limited as a result. Participants are provided with the necessary tools for basic money management and the support needed to help them develop solid financial management skills.  This program is taught by subject matter experts including our business partners from the financial industry.  Topics covered include:


  • How to balance a checkbook.

  • How to create a budget for your family.

  • Skills and tips for maintaining that budget.

  • Identifying ways to save money.


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All our workshops and classes are offered free of charge, however donations are helpful.  Click here to donate.  (This will help offset a portion of the cost associated with providing these free classes.)


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