ParentJobNet’s HELP™ Initiative provides access for qualified applicants to vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities that provide in-demand employment skills for high-need job types including:


  • IT Support

  • Cable & Network Installation

  • Administrative & Office Management

  • Home Health Aide & Patient Service Representative

  • Commercial Truck & Bus Driving

  • Cabinetry & Woodworking

  • TV & Film Production

  • Building Maintenance & Weatherization

  • Construction

  • Baking & Culinary


Working with our industry partners, we provide extensive employment search assistance for at least 1 year as well as links to employers seeking trained applicants who are ready to work.


In addition, PJN supports its clients before, during and after training with specialized services including:


  • Preparation classes to pass the Vocational Training Program entrance exams

  • As-needed tutoring to ensure continued training program success

  • Resume, cover letter, thank you letter writing

  • Mock interviews

  • Post-hire follow-up for 2 years to guarantee job satisfaction and provide additional training