“I want to see ParentJobNet go nationwide…In my book, the program should become a nationwide project for inner-city parents.”

 Nancy Ploeger

President of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

The ParentJobNet is one of the greatest and inspirational programs that i have ever been apart of. For once in my life i am actually on my path to success. I joined the program about a month ago and i felt like I've been working with them for years because of how I'm treated and how it firmly stands by my side. I joined the program and immediately i was taken care of i went to a career  workshop and was help with presentation and yes i did have doubts about because i did it before in previous workshops so i wondered how would it help me but surprisingly it did! Not only did it help me but i progressed because of it. The one on one hands on training is one of the greatest aspects, i was help amongst a class and also got direct attention my needs were focused on and for the first time in my life I'm actually doing what i want to do with my life and not just doing anything to get me by. the world needs to know what the ParentJobNet is about and i truly appreciate it.... Thank You...

E. Keyes

Apprenticeship Training Participant

Sometimes the right organization can make all the difference in one's job search -- dare I say, in one's life.  ParentJobNet is just such an organization.  Its recent career transitions seminar helped me to focus on my skills and experience, and really see the many ways in which I can apply them even in today's challenging market.  It's not for nothing that they attracted some of the smartest, most savvy, and above all, the most supportive group of professional women I've ever encountered.  Thank you ParentJobNet for your knowledge, insights, professionalism and great warmth.  I feel so energized!  Thank you, thank you.”

M. Georgescu

"Exploring New Career Options for Women" Workshop Participant​

I want to thank the staff at ParentJobNet for the help you have given and are continuing to give me.  I have spent the last 20 years in a field which virtually disappeared, and I have a Master's degree. When I have tried to get help elsewhere, I am overqualified to do anything entry level, and under qualified (as a career changer) for everything else. No one has been willing or able to help me. I am unemployed for 2 years now, and fall through all the cracks of not only employment services, but also social services, even including unemployment compensation, because my previous positions were grant funded and considered contracted services.  ParentJobNet is the only place I have found so far that is willing and able to help me. Their classes have helped me with computer skills and to brush up my Spanish. Most importantly, they took the time and had the knowledge to look at my resume and refocus it on my transferable skills, so that I can apply for work in new fields. I am still seeking employment, but I am so grateful to have the assistance of ParentJobNet as I seek."                           

  W. W.

Career Services and Workshop Participant​

Great feedback with my resume-helped me land two job interviews! Thanks!"

Miriam N.

Career Options in Changing Times Workshop Participant

I want to thank you for taking time out to meet with me on several occasions to help tweak my resume with great tips to enhance it, giving great leads for jobs and networking events, and speaking words of encouragement.  ParentJobnet is a great organization because you receive so much help and advice in addition to networking with other parents and organizations that fill your needs without even realizing it.  The program empowers you to get out and make it happen for yourself, but not by yourself because of all the support that is available. The door was always open.  Phone calls and e-mails were always answered in a timely fashion.  So, I definitely would recommend this network to anyone seeking to enhance their skills, revamp themselves, and receive support."

D. Isaac

Employment Services & Networking Participant

The [WCPP] position [which was obtained through ParentJobNet] was a godsend after being unemployed for almost two years.  After job hunting for such a long time, my self-esteem was pretty low and the job helped to revive my confidence and put goals and structure back into my life.  I thank you all [at ParentJobNet]  . . . . . . for helping to make that happen for me.” 

A. Rainey

Employment Services Participant

ParentJobNet has helped me immeasurably.  I have worked in one industry all of my career and my resume [was] written for that industry.  I brought my resume ………..  and [ParentJobNet] TRANSFORMED my resume into a resume that focused on my skills and accomplishments NOT my industry.  Now, I am equipped to make a job search in any industry…….[ParentJobNet] work was awesome.”

K. Bini

Employment Services Participant

I'm sending this special email to you to say "Thank You". Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't know what I would have done this [Holiday] season without the support that I've been so blessed to receive from ParentJobNet. . . . . . . . What you did for us will always remain in our hearts and we appreciate you.”

T. Berroa

Employment Services Participant

I am sending you this email because I want to personally thank you and your staff for supporting me at a very discouraging time in my life.  I came to your agency a few weeks ago feeling very discourage and hopeless.  I was greeted by you and [your staff] in such warm manner ……. I immediately felt empowered and from that moment decided that I would apply for a position that [your staff] recommended to me and was called back almost immediately for an interview.  From that interview, I was offered a position and now I am currently back in the work force again.  Thank you again for all your wonderful encouraging words as well as your support in my search for employment.  I don’t know what I would have done without ParentJobNet support.”

C. Johnson

Employment Services Participant

I just got a job offer from a Diagnostics company, and probably I will start my new job from the beginning of next month. Actually the job is in Arkansas, and I will move there at the end of this month.  I am so appreciative that … ParentJobNet helped me a lot when I was [experiencing] hard time; it means a lot for me. Thank you so much.”

N. Zhai

Employment Services Participant

The woman that I was speaking with at the end of the function [networking event] has been matched up with an employer.  I referred her to a networking colleague who has a connection to a foreign language person who had a job opening. By all indications there was a good fit.”

D. Cummings

Professional Networking Participant

The applicants who came to us through ParentJobNet were terrific--mature, confident, experienced.  Every single one of them would have made an excellent addition to our organization----the hard part was making a choice."  Note: A ParentJobNet client was hired by this organization.

M. Cohen

Executive Director, Westside Crime Prevention Program

I feel I have gained a stronger knowledge foundation and tools from which to prepare myself for actively seeking a new job and career.  Connie [Instructor] was clear about all the pointers covered -- she kept the group interested, energized, and well-informed!! Thank you."

Michelle Z.

Career Options in Changing Times Workshop

[The workshop was] very supportive and motivated women in the group.  Valuable to learn what others are experiencing in their job search, and how they are packaging/repackaging themselves.  We encouraged each other to focus and discipline ourselves."

Joan P.

Career Options in Changing Times Workshop

I am so pleased that I found out about this [Job Readiness] workshop when I did.  For the first time in a long time I feel like I’m moving forward instead of feeling trapped.  I very much appreciate your perceptiveness, ability to get to the heart of the matter, and giving out the difficulty, and come up with practical “baby steps” actions. Your warmth and humor have made us all feel comfortable and wanted. Thanks so much.”

C. Gollance

Program Participant

This is to let you know that I appreciate you helping me come out of my cocoon.  We meet people every day, some we don’t know, some we do, but one thing we should know is when we touch someone’s life.  So this little note is to let you know. A word is important, so is a smile, but knowing you cared is a gift. Thank you.”

T. Charles

Program Participant

I would like to start off by saying THANK YOU for the time that you have given me.  The class helped me open doors that I have shut, my mother use to always tell me that God works in ways that no one can explain.  When starting out I was only going to come one day but he made it that I made all days. Thank you.”

Program Participant

When I first heard about ParentJobNet, I was determined.  When I met you [Sharon Naulty, Job Readiness instructor] I was determined.  When I was too busy I was determined.  When I was going through struggles I was determined.  When you [instructor] finally got me to speak I was determined.  Now that I know for sure that I can do whatever I want in life, I am most definitely for sure know that I am determined. Thank you!”

A. Cordero

Program Participant

I do appreciate the work that you have done to help me with my resume.  You have helped me a great deal in getting my resume in order.  My prayers will go with you in your daily walk.”

M. Walker

Program Participant

When it comes to one's journey in life, we sometimes don’t know where it will take us or what we will do.  Then that one special flower [person] comes along and helps you stand out above the rest.  As a participant and an onlooker, I can’t begin to say how much you have accomplished in so little time.  Imagine, if nothing else…..you [Sharon Naulty, Job Readiness Instructor] have given many of us a sense of self worth…a sense of living...yes, again.  For that I say thanks.  You truly stand out above the rest.”

Vanessa C.

Program Participant

Thank you so very much for all you have done.  I now have more self-esteem and self-confidence.”

J. Evans

Program Participant

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