OUR MISSION is to educate, prepare, connect and empower public school parents with the programs and services they need for job readiness, job connection and financial security. Through targeted classes, workshops, networking events, career counseling, and job placements we serve the community and strengthen families.

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Pat Craddick


Dear Friends and Supporters,


It is with heartfelt gratitude that I say thank you for the years of support to ParentJobNet.


I founded ParentJobNet in 2004 with a vision to help NYC Public School single mothers build financial security at home to help their children succeed academically.   Fourteen years, 16 nonprofit excellence awards and hundreds of job connections later, the mission has served over 16,000 parents giving them a sense of self-worth, self-sufficiency, and enabling them to provide better and more prosperous home lives to support their children – an annuity of impact that will pay dividends for future generations.


Sadly, the rapid buildout of new programs and capacity building expansion over two and a half years coupled with new funding challenges and mission drift led ParentJobNet to cease activities in 2018 and close its 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization this year.


However, new opportunities have arisen and the legacy of ParentJobNet will continue.  A new for-profit social enterprise entity has been established to continue to build on the mission of the ParentJobNet brand to help entrepreneurial parents create socially conscious businesses and provide customized fee-based programs and services to nonprofits.  This is the next chapter for the new restructured ParentJobNet and I will share progress as we move forward.


Additionally, I am continuing my philanthropic work by helping other nonprofits, schools, government, and corporate foundations navigate, assess, build and grow sustainable programs and operational infrastructures.


Please visit my new website at: www.patcraddick.com.  I would love to hear from you regarding partnership opportunities and how I can use my skills to assist with your work.


I am extremely grateful to our donors, public school partners, business partners, elected officials, interns, volunteers, and all others who gave their time, resources, and passion to help achieve ParentJobNet’s mission over the years.


I hope to have your continued support in the next chapter of this transformative mission.  Periodic progress updates to follow.


With much gratitude,



Pat Craddick, M.S.

Founder of ParentJobNet -- An award winning nonprofit organization

Nonprofit Executive Consultant